Folsom Youth Basketball Association

FYBA Season Important Dates and Events

Tami Larson (Registrar)  |  posted:
Team Formation Methods:  Currently the division coordinators are busy creating teams for the 2018/19 season.  In 1st – 4th grade, teams are created by the division coordinator based on a variety of things including what school a player goes to, their evaluation scores (excluding 1st and 2nd grade) and player and coach requests made during registration.  5th-12th grade teams are created 100% through a serpentine draft.  Taking turns, coaches in these divisions will meet and pick one player at a time to be on their team until all the players in that division have been assigned to a team.  Once the draft is over and coaches leave the room, there can be no trading of players.  The reason we evaluate all players in grades 3-12, and spend many, many hours creating teams through selection and the draft, is for one reason only and that is to create evenly matched teams to the best of our ability.  We hope that these efforts will help your player have an enjoyable season.  Our goal is for each team to win 5 games and to lose 5 games.

Team Announcements: Coaches are asked to contact each of their team members beginning the week of November 1st to let their players know what team they are on.  By the end of the week, the league will post the teams on the website so all parents and players can login and see what team the player has been placed on.  We will also send out an email to parents with the team assignment.

Veteran's Day Parade:  Sunday November 11th.  We will have an entry this year again.  Show up with your team and help us celebrate those who sacrificed so dearly for all of us.  Details to folllow.

PracticesPractices begin for 3rd – 12th grades only beginning the week of November 26th.  Your coach and the league will contact you to let you know when and where your practice will be.  We will release the practice to the coach once they have a completed some team requirements including:  coach and assistant coach DOJ background check results received by the league, and that each team has an official facility monitor assigned.  Team practices will take place the same location, day and time each week unless the school that you practice at has a blackout.  In that case, the league will assign the team a different practice for that week.

Uniform Distribution: Uniforms will be given to the coaches only at the Jamboree on December 15th in team bundles. We encourage them to distribute the uniforms to the players at that event.

The Jamboree The Jamboree is the FYBA Season Opener and is a ton of fun.  It will likely include games for older players and a fun indoor carnival for the younger players.  The Jamboree will be held on December 15th throughout the day.  Specific times for events are TBA.

Games:  Games begin for all divisions on January 5th.  1st and 2nd grade will have 1 ½ hours of a combined practice and game each Saturday.  

Picture Day:  Be prepared for picture day which will take place on January 19th.

For more calendar details please see the league calendar.

Basketball size for each grade:

1st-4th Grade  Boys and Girls - 27'
5th-6th Grade Boys and Girls - 28.5'
7th-12th Grade Girls Only - 28.5'
7th-12th Grade Boys Only - 29.5' (Regulation Size)


Tami Larson (Registrar)  |  posted:
FYBA Registration for the Regular Season is closed.  We will be offering a 6-week basketball camp for beginner and intermediate players in the Spring called the FYBA Academy (  Registration for this program will begin mid-February and the program will begin mid-March.  If you would like to get a reminder email when registration opens up, please contact the Registrar at