Folsom Youth Basketball Association

Basketball Opportunities in & Around Folsom

Robert Larson (Cloud 9)  |  posted:

The FYBA provides opportunities to learn and play basketball during the Fall, Winter and Spring.  We do not provide any acitivities during the late Spring or Summer.  However, we have been notified of the following opportunities to participate in basketball in and around Folsom during the Spring and Summer of 2015:

 - Sly Park Basketball Camp (6/16-6/20, 6/23-6/27, 7/7-7/11) - See website at
 - Vista del Lago Basketball Camp (6/8-6/12) - See the flyer under the Documents button
 - City of Folsom (6/15-6/19, 7/13-7/17, 7/20-7/24) - See website at


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