Folsom Youth Basketball Association

Registration is now closed

Robert Larson (Cloud 9)  |  posted:

Registration is now closed for the 2015/16 season of FYBA.  We are unable to accept any new players into the league for this season.  Our next registration event will be for the FYBA Academy which will begin in April 2016.  We look forward to seeing you for the Academy or the regular season with registrations starting in August 2016.

Facility Monitor Training Instructions

Robert Larson (Cloud 9)  |  posted:

All teams in grades 3-12 need to have an assigned Facility Monitor who is appointed by the coach and has successfully taken the FM training and passed a quiz about the FM position.  If you have been appointed to be a Facility Monitor by your coach you will need to review the 7 minute training at then take the FM quiz at  Once you have completed the FM training and quiz we will mark you as having completed the training and will be able to release your team practie timeslots if all of the other requirements have been met.

Ball sizes for the FYBA

Robert Larson (Cloud 9)  |  posted:

The required ball sizes for FYBA players varies based on the grade/division the player is in.  The ball sizes for each division are shown below:

 - Grades 1-4 (boys & girls): 27'
 - Grades 5-6 (boys & girls): 28.5'
 - Grades 7-12 (girls only): 28.5'
 - Grades 7-12 (boys only): 29.5' (regulation size)